All Wheel class units are in millimeters. The diameter and width for various lego wheels can be found at http://wheels.sariel.pl/

class ev3dev2.wheel.Wheel(diameter_mm, width_mm)

A base class for various types of wheels, tires, etc. All units are in mm.

One scenario where one of the child classes below would be used is when the user needs their robot to drive at a specific speed or drive for a specific distance. Both of those calculations require the circumference of the wheel of the robot.


from ev3dev2.wheel import EV3Tire

tire = EV3Tire()

# calculate the number of rotations needed to travel forward 500 mm
rotations_for_500mm = 500 / tire.circumference_mm

EV3 Rim

class ev3dev2.wheel.EV3Rim

Bases: ev3dev2.wheel.Wheel

part number 56145 comes in set 31313

EV3 Tire

class ev3dev2.wheel.EV3Tire

Bases: ev3dev2.wheel.Wheel

part number 44309 comes in set 31313

EV3 Education Set Rim

class ev3dev2.wheel.EV3EducationSetRim

Bases: ev3dev2.wheel.Wheel

part number 56908 comes in set 45544

EV3 Education Set Tire

class ev3dev2.wheel.EV3EducationSetTire

Bases: ev3dev2.wheel.Wheel

part number 41897 comes in set 45544